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Casualty Survival
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Protecting people and ensuring compliance

"Even when we think we are as safe as we can be, we can never disregard completely the possibility that some unforeseen, destructive event may put us in danger, or upset our orderly everyday affairs."

Man Made Disasters

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Employers who operate in austere and remote locations have an increased duty-of-care obligation to protect their employees from assessed risk and, at times, unforeseeable and unfamiliar threats.

We aim to assist you in this duty-of-care and compliance as you prepare to respond to multiple casualties or an injured colleague requires evacuation from point-of-injury. Our solutions are proven worldwide with many militaries, emergency services and high-risk industries.

The TSG Associates’ team has a unique and extensive blend of experience in high risk, remote area industry and will bring practical, proven and dependable solutions to your unique circumstances.

  • Focused on assisting your duty-of-care and compliance.
  • 25 years’ experience in developing solutions for your environment.
  • Used by multiple high-risk industries, active militaries and emergency services worldwide.
  • Designed by subject matter experts.
  • Specialising in multiple casualty care and point-of-wounding evacuation.

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- Solutions for industry

Compliant solutions for industry

Our range of SmartTriage™ Industry and Xtract™SR products have been created to assist employers who operate in remote locations.

Our products provide assurance in situations where there are multiple casualties or an injured colleague who requires triage and/or evacuation from the scene.

When your workplace is remote or situated in hostile locations around the world, your duty-of-care and compliance responsibilities are increased. When an accident happens on an oil rig or down a mine, you need to know the equipment you have will perform for medics and first responders while providing comfort and care for any casualties. Our industry-specific products do just that and are supported by a comprehensive training module.


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