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A picture speaks a thousand words. Watch our products and systems in action, and if you require more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Xtract™SR Afloat

Xtract™SR Afloat

Xtract™SR System

Xtract™SR Training




SmartTag™ Demonstration

SmartTriage™ Industry

SmartTriage™ Industry

SmartTriage™ Industry

Xtract™SR - A Safer Drag

Xtract™SR - Battlefield Tested Medic Accepted

Xtract™SR - Faster Stronger Lighter

Xtract™SR - Loading In under 45 seconds

Xtract™SR Afloat

Xtract™SR Afloat Instructions

Xtract™SR Afloat Training

Xtract™SR Heatsaver Interview

Xtract™SR Testing

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