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Triage and incident management





SmartTriage™ First Response is a triage system designed exactly for what the name says. If you think you could be a first responder to multiple casualties, you need this solution.

The Manchester Arena bombing highlighted the need to close “the care gap”. This is the time an injured person must wait from time of injury to first effective treatment.

Allowing first responders such as security guards, first aiders, fire and police to initiate triage is one way we can assist in closing the care gap. 

No bigger than a tourniquet, highly visible, 100% waterproof, easy to carry on your equipment. A system that understands your requirements and assists you perform. 

Why was SmartTriage™
First Response created?

How to use SmartTriage™
First Response

Complimentary to
10 second triage
(TST Process)

The Ten Second Triage (TST) flow chart is designed for your first triage assessment. SmartTriage™ First Response are the tools that will allow you to practically apply your decisions.

Can be mounted on body armour or a waist belt, so it will be immediately available when needed.

Reusable after training to maximise budget use.

Can be safely stored within first aid kits to be easily accessible in emergencies.

100% waterproof to help endure tough conditions.

Improving efficiency through the high visibility design and simple functionality.

Fits in SmartTag™ holders to assist with handovers and subsequent enquiries.

Assisting research.

Assisting enquires.



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