Simple yet effective. A patient possession solution that keeps what is important to your patient safe and accounted for.

Casualty Survival
On-Scene Triage/Incident Management
Casualty Movement/Evacuation
Hospital Evacuation
Patient Property
Hypothermia Management
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Patient Property Policy

- Solutions for patient property management

Keeping patient belongings safe

A simple solution to enhance care and provide a return on investment.


Patient care is more than just about medical interventions. SmartSafe™ patient property bags shows you are going the extra mile to look after your patient and their valuables and personal possessions.

Now more than ever patients and their possessions are constantly on the move. SmartSafe, developed by TSG Associates, is a cost-effective, quick and easy way to look after and keep track of your patients’ belongings. In recent situations such as COVID 19, it is reassuring that patient possessions are taken care of and tracked so hospital staff can focus on caregiving.


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