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Find out more information on this product:

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Smart Tag Atmist - Proven


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SmartTag™ ATMIST has been designed to be compatible with the MITT (Major Incident Triage Tool)  triage flow chart, which has recently been adopted in the UK. The adoption of MITT removes the use of the Revised Trauma Score / Triage SORT.   

Removal of the Triage Sort from the process has allowed us the opportunity to introduce a triage tag that follows ATMIST patient assessment and handover.  

Age Time Mechanism Injury Signs Treatment.

Information panels are redesigned throughout, assisting clarification of the triage process and subsequent casualty handover. 

How to use SmartTag™ ATMIST


A proven design with over two decades of experience.

Reusable after training to maximise budget use.

Provides clear and structured casualty history to assist handover and future inquires.

Compatible to the most up-to-date triage flow charts.

Highly visible and simple functionality.

Each SmartTag™ comes with a unique number and barcode to assist casualty tracking.

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