A police and security range to aid casualty evacuation that is proven and functional.

Casualty Survival
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Solutions that perform in challenging situations

“Our primary aim is to assist in the reduction of preventable death in an austere environment.  

We are immensely proud that our solutions have time and time again been used in your operational environment and are proven to work.”

Colin Smart B.Sc. (Hon’s)


Traumatic injuries, including gunshot wounds, blast injuries and motor vehicle crash injuries are all situations that a police or security officer can find themselves attending before medical services arrive.

We work to stop preventable deaths occurring in difficult situations and challenging environments. We design and manufacture products that fill gaps in the casualty chain-of-care. Our solutions are robust, lightweight and compact, and work in your operational environment. Our equipment has been deployed on numerous operations and is the choice of many police services worldwide, including the Metropolitan Police Service of London.

Our military, police and security range is both functional and proven. Products are designed by former operators for today’s operators. The Xtract™SR System works when you respond to point-of-wounding and require rapid safe evacuation.

  • 25 years’ experience in developing solutions for your environment.
  • Used by organisations worldwide.
  • Designed by subject matter experts.
  • Specialising in point-of-wounding evacuation.

- Solutions for police and security organisations

Products proven to perform

We strive to ensure that our solutions are ahead of the curve and positively impact on the quest for prioritising survival and minimising suffering.

download our practical guide to multiple casualty triage

Stopping preventable deaths occurring in difficult situations and challenging environments is what our products are created for.

Our Xtract™SR System has been deployed around the world and is the choice product of many police and security services. The system can be purchased as a complete solution providing the best in casualty survival and comfort or individual modules can be purchased to incorporate into any pre-existing kit you may have. 

The Xtract™SR System is proven to offer the best solution in casualty evacuation.


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