Ensuring that when situations are tough our triage and casualty evacuation solutions provide assurance and improved performance.

Casualty Survival
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- Solutions for pre-hospital situations

Making the minutes before hospitalisation count

The care a casualty receives before hospital admission can be a game-changer to an individual's long-term prognosis.


Our range of triage and casualty evacuation equipment has proven to make the time between injury and hospital care better from both a medics and casualty viewpoint.

Xtract™SR  and SmartTriage products make challenging situations easier to manage with increased casualty survival. Our products are used by leading organisations throughout the world where superior performance is necessary for the best outcome. Innovative solutions have been created through our teams experience working in the field and observing gaps in casualty care. Through intensive research and years of perfecting products, we know our comprehensive range of SmartTriage and Xtract™SR products outperform others in the market.


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