Assisting hospital environments with evacuation and ward management processes.

Casualty Survival
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Listening and responding to the needs of hospitals

“Various crisis scenarios threaten hospitals, and when these crises hit their impact can cause both short and long-term damage to hospitals, both in terms of reputation and financial performance”.

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TSG Associates provide our hospital colleagues with a group of products that are designed to;

  • Assist a multiple casualty event.
  • Enhance hospital evacuation.
  • Simplify handling patient possessions.

Each product has a blend of unique benefits, including return on investment, maximising care levels, assisting clinical audit and ease of implementation.

Our solutions are designed by subject matter experts and used in world-leading locations, including University College London Hospital Trust.

  • Focused on assisting your duty-of-care and compliance.
  • Providing a return on your investment.
  • 25 years’ experience in developing solutions for your environment.
  • Used by multiple hospitals worldwide.
  • Designed by subject matter experts.
  • Specialising in multiple casualty care, site evacuation and handling patient possessions. 

- Solutions for hospitals

Solutions created for healthcare organisations

Our SmartEvacuation™, SmartSafe  and SmartTriage™ products have a blend of unique benefits, including assisting clinical audit, maximising care levels, ease of implementation and return on investment.

Designed by experts for use in hospitals to aid hospital evacuation, multiple casualty events and patient property care, our Smart™ range is supported by a comprehensive training module.

Our SmartEvacuation™, SmartSafe™ and SmartTriage™ range meets the needs of the sector meeting all necessary standards and implementation processes.


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