Providing solutions for casualty and patient movement that help preserve life and minimise suffering.

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Casualty Evacuation

- Solutions for the casualty evacuation

Maximising survival, minimising suffering

Developed from military experience, our XtractSR products provide the solution for rapid casualty extraction.

download our practical guide to multiple casualty triage

Emergency services, high risk organisations and militaries throughout the world choose our XtractSR products to optimise casualty survival and comfort.

The XtractSR range is a complete casualty evacuation solution. Our casualty evacuation range is modular and scalable to provide optimal outcomes in a diverse range of environments. Our casualty evacuation products are lightweight and compact, designed for use in difficult terrain, alleviate rescuers' fatigue, reduce secondary injuries and protect existing treatments in extreme weather conditions.

Our survival solutions are proven to work. This claim is evidence-based through extensive testing and in use on the ground!


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