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Life saving medical equipment

- Our mission

Smart solutions
since 1993

Contributing positively towards the care of an injured casualty or vulnerable patient is a privilege we respect.

Our unique ability to be inventive in designing modular, scalable, life-saving solutions, sets us apart from others in our industry.

We strive to ensure our solutions are ahead of the curve and positively impact on the quest for prioritising survival and minimising suffering.

TSG Associates - the home of the following brands:

TSG Associates

Smart Solutions  For Life

We listen, design, manufacture, distribute and train.


We listen
We engage with
customers to
ensure our systems
not only meet their
needs but also fill
the gaps in


We design
We invest heavily in

research and
development of life
saving equipment.


We manufacture
We manufacture

products in the UK.
Performance and
quality can be relied


We distribute
We supply our

systems to
around the globe.


We train
We don’t believe in
just ‘selling’ a
product. We provide
training on our
systems where

- The authority on

Early multiple casualty triage

SmartTriage™ First Response

SmartTriage™ First Response is a triage system designed exactly for what the name says. If you think you could be a first responder to multiple casualties, you need this solution.

No bigger than a tourniquet, highly visible, 100% waterproof, easy to carry on your equipment. A system that understands your requirements and assists you perform.

SmartTriage Tag

- The authority on

Hypothermia Management

We challenged ourselves to produce a pragmatic, research-led solution, that was small and lightweight. Extensive prototype testing in cold rooms, supervised and directed by subject matter experts provided a robust platform to form our evidence.

We created the Xtract™SR Heatsaver. It is a major advancement in improving overall patient care in complex environments. This unique product tackles all the causes of heat loss in the seriously injured casualty within an acceptable size and weight bracket.

“In both military and civilian trauma, it has been reported that 100% mortality occurred when core temperature is less than 32°C”.

B.L Bennett, G Giesbrecht K Zafren et alol. Management of Hypothermia in Tactical Combat Casualty Care. Journal of Special Operations Medicine, September 2020, Volume 20, Edition 3. 21- 2

Hypothermia Management

- Meet

Our customers are
throughout the world

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  • Our focus - The minimising of suffering and distress is core to everything we do. We operate in the space where incumbent casualty care equipment underperforms.
  • Proven - Our solutions are tested and researched both in the laboratory and field to ensure they function when needed. Our products have proven themselves repeatedly when used by multiple prestigious customers in extreme circumstances.
  • Understanding your requirements - Our survival solutions embrace your duty-of-care and assist with compliance and successful audit. We create solutions that are easy to introduce into your organisations.
  • Creating value - Our customers see a return in their investment.

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Proven to perform

Our solutions are being used right now throughout the world by organisations where compromise is not an option.

TSG Associates

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