Xtract™SR Heatsaver is a passive insulating solution.

Casualty Survival
On-Scene Triage/Incident Management
Casualty Movement/Evacuation
Hospital Evacuation
Patient Property
Hypothermia Management
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Xtract™SR Heatsaver is a passive insulating solution designed for an austere environment.

“Addressing the mechanisms of heat loss from the casualty as far forward as possible will ensure that valuable body heat is preserved and the risk from the 'Lethal Triad' is reduced”.


Simon Pennells, Senior Partner, TSG Associates

Xtract™SR Heatsaver

Xtract™SR <strong>Deployer</strong> closed

Xtract™SR Deployer closed

Dimensions Packed

L: 370mm
W: 180mm
Weight: 2kg

Xtract™SR <strong>Deployer</strong> open

Xtract™SR Deployer open

Organised, small and lightweight

Xtract™SR <strong>Insulate</strong>

Xtract™SR Insulate

Protects from heat loss to the ground.

Xtract™SR <strong>Heatseal</strong>

Xtract™SR Heatseal

Provides insulation, focuses on the body's core.

Xtract™SR <strong>EPS</strong>

Xtract™SR EPS

Protects from the weather.

“In both military and civilian trauma, it has been reported that 100% mortality occurred when core temperature is less than 32°C”.

B.L Bennett, G Giesbrecht K Zafren et alol. Management of Hypothermia in Tactical Combat Casualty Care. Journal of Special Operations Medicine, September 2020, Volume 20, Edition 3. 21- 25.

We challenged ourselves to produce a pragmatic research-led solution that was small and lightweight. Extensive prototype testing in cold rooms, supervised and directed by subject matter experts, provided a robust platform to form our evidence.

Hypothermia Management

We created the Xtract™SR Heatsaver. It is a major advancement in improving overall patient care in complex environments. This unique product tackles all the causes of heat loss in the seriously injured casualty within an acceptable size and weight bracket.

The patent-pending design includes sculpted insulation panels that maximise thermal efficiency around the body's core allowing us to produce a product of minimal size and weight without compromising efficiency.

  • Effective heat retention starts close to point-of-wounding.
  • Works with the active heating solutions of your choice.
  • Practical, logical micro-sized designs maximise operator’s efficiency.
  • Additional comfort at acute and prolonged care phases maximises patient outcome.
  • Multiple use provides viable commercial model.



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