Solutions that enhance care by the ambulance service.

Casualty Survival
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Enhancing care

We aim to provide solutions that will enhance your capability to provide care. Our products are designed to assist clinical audit and simplify ease of implementation throughout your organisation.

For over 25 years TSG Associates’ products have been performing on the ground, whether it’s assisting the management of multiple casualties with SmartTriage™, rescuing a patient from a complex environment using the Xtract™SR System, or caring for a vital piece of patient’s property with SmartSafe™.

We are honoured that our products literally span the globe with our solutions used in national, regional and local systems throughout the UK, EU, USA, Australia, Middle East and Scandinavia.


- Solutions for ambulance services

Solutions created that will enhance your capability to provide care

Our products literally span the globe and have been proven to perform in some of the world's most documented incidents.

download our practical guide to multiple casualty triage

Our SmartTriage™ solutions have been used in some of the world's most challenging incidents where calm decision-making and swift action have been called for.


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