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SmartEvacuation™ Equipment

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SmartEvacuation™ Equipment System
Casualty Survival
SmartEvacuation™ Equipment

SmartEvacuation™ Equipment


“Emergency evacuation of the hospitals is markedly different from other buildings. Transferring patients who may be in critical conditions is highly unsafe and is one of the causes for the difficulty of the process of hospital evacuation. It is crucial to move patients who require supportive services safely without any disruption in the permanent treatment and care that they receive.“

Decision-making on Hospital Emergency Evacuation in Disasters and Emergencies: Findings from a Systematic Review.

Tahereh Yaghoubi et al.

We are hugely proud of our SmartEvacuation™ System. We were asked by sector leaders to solve the complex problem of how to safely evacuate a hospital in an emergency and to maintain patient care throughout the process.

During our two years’ of development work we talked to countless emergency planners and hospital staff. We broke down complex tasks into simple, modular activities that work alongside existing clinical assessment tools.

The SmartEvacuation™ System improves decision-making and clarifies communication terminology and methods.

The SmartEvacuation™ System is a practical and effective solution that has taken hospital evacuation out of “too difficult to do” and moved it to “achieved at a high standard”. Bespoke training packages ensure all users are competent and confident to use the system.

SmartEvacuation™ Equipment System

SmartEvacuation™ Zones

SmartEvacuation™ Equipment System

SmartEvacuation™ Zone

SmartEvacuation™ Equipment System

SmartTriage™ Education

SmartEvacuation™ Equipment System

SmartTriage™ Education

SmartEvacuation™ Equipment System

SmartEvacuation™ Ward

SmartEvacuation™ Equipment System

SmartEvacuation™ Tag

The SmartEvacuation™ System:

  • Ensures a continuous level-of-care is delivered throughout the evacuation.
  • Uses many existing clinical assessment tools.
  • Ease of implementation throughout your organisation.
  • Allows for clinical audit compliance in critical areas.
  • Training designed to produce competent end users.

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