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SmartEvacuation™  Ward
Casualty Survival

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The key to effective evacuation is the role of each ward or department making correct evacuation decisions alongside communicating and recording this information accurately. The SmartEvacuation™ Ward allows each area to perform key tasks consistently throughout the facility ensuring terminology and resource requests are uniform.   

Located and scaled to each ward or department, this allows for SmartEvacuation™ to be embedded appropriately throughout your facility, ensuring it can react to partial or complete evacuation events as soon as they happen.

Our SmartEvacuation™ Education training module assists the department educator to deliver consistent information with practical drills available to enables location-specific details.

SmartEvacuation™  Ward

SmartSafe™ Patient Property Bag

SmartEvacuation™  Ward

SmartTriage™ Commander

SmartEvacuation™  Ward

SmartEvacuation™ Tag


  • Embedded throughout your facility to ensure an immediate reproducible response from each department affected.
  • Training program to ensure competence.
  • Assists successful clinical audit.
  • Standardisation of priority and resourcing terminology.
  • Provides contemporaneous evidence to assist post-incident enquires.




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