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Xtract™SR Equaliser

Xtract™SR Equaliser Equaliser
Casualty Survival
Xtract™SR Equaliser

Xtract™SR Equaliser


“When working in extreme locations I like to package my medical equipment so it talks to me. When I open my kit, it needs to be packaged in a way that it assists my thought process. Our Xtract™SR Equaliser has been designed to reflect this concept. It’s there to help the rescuer maximise their efficiency and gain the upper hand on the scenario.”

Colin Smart, Partner, TSG Associates
Former military, industry, expedition medic.

Colin Smart, a Partner with TSG Associate, trained as a Combat Medical Technician in the British Army. On one occasion he was working on a seriously injured colleague in a jungle setting in horrendous weather conditions. The casualty was on a slope, covered in mud and in distress. With his medical kit open he was fully focussed on successfully resuscitating the casualty. A colleague accidentally stood on his medical kit and buried it in the mud.

The lesson he took away that day was that, when working in complex environments, equipment needs to be packaged and protected differently to our day-to-day medical bags.This has been re-emphasised by many others whilst talking to the military, police and other remote area medical providers.

The Xtract™SR Equaliser is our solution. Medics can organise and protect critical equipment regardless of the scenario or environment encountered.

Xtract™SR Equaliser Equaliser

Xtract™SR Equaliser

Xtract™SR Equaliser Equaliser

Xtract™SR Equaliser

Xtract™SR Equaliser Equaliser

Xtract™SR System in use

Provides solutions to:

  • Limited space & weight.
  • Continuing care.

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