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Patient Property Bag


Find out more information on this product:

Patient Property Bag


"There are times we need to secure a patient’s personal belongings... when you reach for a SmartSafe™ property bag your solution is in hand."

Mike Smith EMS Magazine. 

“We use the SmartSafeTM bags every day in the ED as security bags for all patient belongings. I love them….”

ED nurse, Clement J. Zablocki va medical center.

Now more than ever patients and their possessions are constantly on the move. SmartSafe™, developed by TSG Associates, is a cost-effective, quick and easy way to look after and keep track of your patients’ belongings. In recent situations such as COVID 19, it is reassuring that patient possessions are taken care of and tracked so hospital staff can focus on caregiving.

The new SmartSafe™ patient property bags are clear, secure, durable and easy to use. They come in two different sizes and will hold patient valuables, including wallets, watches, jewellery, glasses, teeth, as well as clothes and shoes. Each SmartSafe™ patient property bag comes with an individual barcode tracking system ensuring the belongings of the patient can be returned to them safely after treatment.

Patient care is more than just about medical interventions. SmartSafe™ patient property bags shows you are going the extra mile to look after your patient and their personal possessions.

SmartSafe™ Patient Property Bag

SmartSafe™ small and large patient property bags

SmartSafe™ Patient Property Bag

SmartSafe™ unique barcoded wristband - SmartSafe™ patient property bags - SmartSafe™ patient valuable bags

SmartSafe™ Patient Property Bag

SmartSafe™ large patient property bags - SmartSafe™ large patient valuable bags

  • Cost-effective, simple, effective solution.
  • Time-saving, as lost property enquiries are reduced.
  • Safeguards staff from fraudulent claims.
  • Enhances patient care with an organised, safe and dignified method of looking after the patient’s vital and emotionally important possessions.


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