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P1 Hold Pack

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SmartTriage™ P1 Hold Pack
Casualty Survival

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P1 Hold Pack


"I strongly feel that the training and SmartTriage™ helped us to effectively triage and treat our patients... indirectly you helped to save many lives that day and this agency thanks you for the training and the equipment and your commitment."

Patty Bashaw, President Essex County EMS.

The SmartTriage™ P1 Hold Pack primary aim is to identify patients for whom further resuscitation is delayed, as they have a poor chance of survival and require significant resources. Healthcare professionals can find these decisions harrowing and challenging.

The SmartTriage™ P1 Hold Pack was developed with support from the North East Ambulance Service and the Great North Air Ambulance UK. This equipment is used by specifically trained providers, skilled in making this difficult decision. Guidance and labelling is included in the pack.

NOTE - The SmartTriage™ P1 Hold Pack category can only be used by specifically trained and certified medical personnel.

SmartTriage™ P1 Hold Pack

SmartTag™ P1 Hold

SmartTriage™ P1 Hold Pack

SmartTriage™ in action

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