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Military SmartTriage™
Command Kits

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Stage 2

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Military SmartTriage™  Command Kits
Casualty Survival
Military SmartTriage™

Military SmartTriage™
Command Kits


Everyone was in agreement that the SmartTriage™ system was a key role in the incident... The triage tagging system was a blessing, much easier to use and much easier to keep track... the command board made it easy to record all of the important information needed to expedite the transport of the 36 patients.”

Chief Nathan Spence Elverson EMS.

SmartTriage™ provides solutions at stage two of a military multiple casualty incident response. The role of early command can often feel overwhelming as initial casualty figures outnumber your available resources and critical time-pressured decisions must be made.

This equipment is used as standard on all NATO major incident medical management system courses (MIMMS).

Key tasks of accurate communications, secondary triage, setting up a Casualty Clearing Station and delegating command roles are all covered in our solutions:

SmartTriage™ Commander
Acts as a military mobile command point, providing a structured response to the incident. Perfect for the first commander on-scene.

SmartTriage™ MCI Bag
Is a complete military solution for managing a large MCI scene. The perfect MCI Bag for deploying in high-risk locations, such as troop concentrations and airfields.

SmartTriage™ CCS Roll
Provides the resources in a military incident to mark and zone the early critical infrastructure of a Casualty Clearing Station.

SmartTriage™ Command Roll
Allows for the delegation of critical command roles within the military.

Military SmartTriage™  Command Kits

Military SmartTriage™ Commander

Military SmartTriage™  Command Kits

Military SmartTriage™ MCI Bag

Military SmartTriage™  Command Kits

Military SmartTriage™ CCS Roll contents

Military SmartTriage™  Command Kits

Military SmartTriage™ Command Roll

Military SmartTriage™  Command Kits

Military SmartTriage™ Commander in use






500 x 400 x 50mm



530 x 430 x 180mm


CCS Roll



Command Roll



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