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TSG Associates introduces: SmartTriage™ First Response

Our SmartTriage™ First Response is an innovative multiple-casualty triage solution that integrates a variety of equipment and training options to assist first responders in managing multiple casualty incidents. Each element of the system is designed to help responders carry out critical tasks in early major incident management with the ultimate aim of improving outcomes for casualties.


What does SmartTriage™ First Response do?

Our SmartTriage™ First Response is designed to help emergency first responders carry out quick and effective triage at the scene of a mass casualty situation and deliver an efficient handover to paramedics and other medical professionals arriving at the scene, or at a hospital. The triage method itself will depend on the needs of the situation and any local multiple casualty incident protocols.

Elements of SmartTriage™ First Response

  1. The Holder and Pouch

The SmartTriage TM system comes in a compact and portable unit designed for easy attachment to a belt or any piece of equipment that has a molle system.

  1. Casualty Counter

This can be found on the outside of your SmartTriage™ First Response pouch and lets you easily keep track of the number and severity of patients you have triaged. As you triage a new casualty, cross out the next number in each priority bracket for fast and effective organisation. The casualty counter can be used in situ on the pouch, or removed if this is more convenient.

  1. SmartTag™ Triage Sticks

These colour-coded sticks (in four colours representing orders of severity - red, yellow, grey, green) are designed to identify the priority of the patients you have triaged. Each comes with a latex-free band that can be comfortably attached to any of the injured person’s limbs, clothing, or a stretcher. There is space available for notes to be added when appropriate. All triage sticks are 100% waterproof and can be cleaned for reuse after training events.

Supporting products

The SmartTriage TM system can be purchased with a range of supporting products for different applications, including:

  • Vehicle-based kits – for deployment in first-response medical vehicles.
  • Military SmartTriageTM – for the needs of military first responders and medics.
  • Industry SmartTriageTM – for industrial sites at risk of multiple casualty events.
  • SmartTriage TM Command kits – making it easy to record the critical information required to expedite the treatment and transfer of on-scene casualties.

Next steps

TSG Associates are recognised world leaders in the field of triage and multiple casualty management systems, helping facilitate an intuitive and systematic response to a wide range of emergencies.

To find out more about SmartTriageTM and how it can help you effectively respond to a variety of critical real-world situations, contact the team at TSG Associates.


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