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Key features to look for in triage tags in a natural disaster

When a disaster occurs, it’s likely that there will be a high number of casualties whose injuries will range from superficial to life-threatening. Because of the challenges of providing emergency healthcare to large numbers of casualties, triaging patients in a disaster is essential to ensure those in greatest need of assistance receive it most promptly. By observing multiple casualty triage guidelines, the number of fatalities can be reduced while appropriate care is given to others to minimise pain and suffering while awaiting treatment.


Triage tagging is an effective way to communicate the category of casualties according to their medical needs. In this article, we’ll discuss the key features to look for when using disaster triage tags.

Ease of handling

In high-pressure situations, when large numbers of casualties need to be quickly and accurately triaged, it’s crucial that triaging solutions are easy to handle and efficient. Our SmartTag™ triage tags are designed for use in challenging environments, such as natural disasters, enabling medical personnel to quickly identify patients needs, and prioritise their care based on their level of need. Operating in high intensity environments often reduces the rescuers fine motor skills, our designs understand this and ensure that the SmartTag™ will work where you need it to.

High visibility

In challenging conditions, such as low light or crowded disaster scenes, it’s vital that triage tags can be seen. Our SmartTag™ solutions feature a distinct design and bright colours to ensure that patients can be swiftly located and identified, reducing the risk of oversight or mismanagement in chaotic environments.

Patient identification and tracking

A key feature of SmartTag™ triage tags is the detachable barcode strip which is a vital tool for tracking patients throughout the entire triage process. From the initial assessment to treatment and evacuation, the SmartTag™ uses a simple barcode and number system to keep track of casualties and help medical personnel make informed decisions at every step.

Assisting even casualty distribution to appropriate care will be a major contributor to the ultimate aim of maximising survival and minimising suffering.

Durability and resilience

Finally, SmartTag™ is designed and manufactured to endure the most hostile of conditions. Resistant to bodily fluids, damage, dirt, and water, our disaster triage tags are ideal for military and civilian disaster settings where unpredictability is the norm. Whether faced with torrential rain, debris, or bodily fluids, the SmartTag™ is a resilient and durable solution that will remain with the casualty throughout their care.

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