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Selecting the right medical solutions to enhance survival

Multiple Casualty Incidents (MCIs) are incredibly challenging for medical staff and first responders. The unique combination of circumstances increases the pressures and challenges faced by those involved. For instance, circumstances such as an urgent need to treat severely injured casualties, the strong sense of confusion or chaos and the potential risks to everyone involved - can be overwhelming.

Disaster response involves multiple agencies. It is a fundamental requirement that the structure enables medical resources to be allocated and focused, to achieve the best outcome and maximise casualty survivability. Prioritising or triaging casualties is a cornerstone for a successful response.

Whilst no two events are the same, clearly defined protocols that have been refined and exercised, will enable first responders to concentrate on their roles and responsibilities, with effective communication and efficient interagency collaboration. This will improve outcomes for casualties and confirm the most appropriate deployment of medical resources.

What to look for when choosing survival solutions
Multiple casualty management in disasters relies on both specialist survival emergency solutions and essential equipment, such as triage or casualty evacuation platforms that are fit for purpose. In an MCI, emergency personnel need confidence that life-saving medical equipment will perform to a high standard to increase the survival chances for casualties, often in austere, harsh or dangerous conditions.

So, what should you look for in a product to ensure that you’re investing wisely in high-quality equipment?

Products that overcome robust testing regimes with a proven track record
At TSG Associates, we comprehensively test our products and solutions to ensure they deliver outstanding results in any disaster. Our equipment is subjected to robust testing in challenging conditions to ensure its integrity, so you can be confident that, whatever the situation, our life-saving products will play a key role in protecting casualties and increasing their chance of survival.

As a trusted medical solutions organisation, TSG Associates has worked successfully with many Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), hospitals, EMS and militaries. We have delivered product internationally, where it has seen use and repeatedly proved efficacy in many situations, from natural to man-made disasters. An example of which is our Xtract™SR Stretcher remains the British Military frontline stretcher carried at Team Medic level.

Scalable solutions
It is vital that resources can be deployed whenever needed at the right level (local, regional or national). Scalability is a key factor to consider – ensuring that the response is proportionate and prompt in order to maximise survival and minimise suffering of casualties.

At TSG Associates, our systems are designed to embed within your organisation for rapid deployment at short notice, with the capability to increase the response as a disaster unfolds. We have worked with local providers to national and global organisations, delivering scalable solutions that prove reliable and responsive.

A commitment to innovation
Life-saving equipment needs to utilise the latest technology and materials to remain effective in MCIs and disasters. An example of this is the Xtract™SR Heatsaver system, an insulation solution for the management of hypothermic casualties. Micro-sized and reusable, the Xtract™SR Heatsaver utilises the latest insulation technologies, which are focused around key areas of the casualty, providing a practical solution at the point of injury.

TSG Associates is a business you can trust to deliver innovative solutions for critical incidents. Our Xtract™2 Stretcher was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation. Our credibility and trustworthiness are also underpinned by our multiple quality standards, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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