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Why use a floating stretcher in a remote military setting

When a soldier is severely injured on the battlefield, time is of the essence. A swift and effective evacuation will enable a casualty to receive urgent medical care to minimise the extent of the trauma and mitigate the risks of life-changing or fatal complications.


Unfortunately, remote military settings are rarely hospitable environments. The terrain may be dangerous and challenging to negotiate, particularly if there are watercourses to cross or extensive areas of flooding to bypass. A lightweight floating stretcher can be an invaluable asset, offering the evacuation team important benefits which, in this article, we’ll explore.

Safely navigating water

When there’s the possibility of encountering water, it is crucial that an effective plan ensures that an injured soldier is kept safe. Jungle rivers, canals, lakes and floodwater pose challenges for evacuation and medical teams as they attempt to move casualties safely. Our Xtract™SR Afloat module is designed to withstand hostile environments and provide rescuers with an easy way to move casualties across water obstacles.

Maintaining stability

It’s crucial that casualties have minimal movement when being transported to reduce the risk of secondary injuries and maintenance of existing treatments. Poor stability is more likely when the soldier is being carried across a water feature, so our lightweight floating stretcher, the Xtract™SR Afloat is designed to keep the casualty as still as possible during a water crossing, thereby reducing the risk of more complex or severe injuries. Furthermore, the Xtract™SR Afloat stretcher provides the casualty with insulation to minimise the risk of hypothermia.

Effective protection for the evacuation team

Carrying an injured colleague for a prolonged period is challenging, even when their weight is distributed between several soldiers. A lightweight stretcher is designed to minimise the strain on the carriers, enabling them to preserve their energy, particularly in challenging terrain. When not in use, Xtract™SR Afloat can be compactly folded and packed away. It only weighs only 1.2kg, so is easy to carry over long distances.

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