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Zooming around the world

When James, our Key Account Manager, was returning home from work last week his daughter asked what he did at work today?  The answer was something like this….

“Early this morning I went to Japan, then two hours later I had a meeting in Dubai, quickly after this I was in Norway and later in the afternoon I went to Holland!  Just as I was about to leave for home I was asked to go to London for a product demonstration.  Thankfully this meeting wasn’t too long and I have made it home for dinner”.  

COVID has changed many of our working practices, some have been a challenge, but we believe the over all acceptance of video conference calling has been positive.  Correctly managed, it can allow us to connect with our colleagues throughout the World with high quality productive communications using a fraction of our time and previous costs.  To maximise our virtual meetings we talked to experts in virtual communications and researched the subject.  We found out some interesting facts;

“Research from the University of California at Los Angeles showed that 93% of positive or negative feelings about a presentation are generated by non-verbal cues: 38% comes from tone of voice, and a staggering 55% from body language. Only 7% of your overall impact is due to the words you actually say.  Initially published in 1971, these findings have been subsequently and repeatedly supported by further academic studies”.

Understanding the above was important for us to communicate effectively.  We’ve invested in state of the art cameras and sound to assist us in this but, more importantly, when we connect you will not just see our head and shoulders.   We want our meetings to be as close as possible to face-to-face meetings, so our Zoom Suite will communicate the same that would be seen at a face-to-face meeting with you. 

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