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COVID, Keeping Safe and Handling Patient Possessions

Whether a patient in hospital, ourselves or a next-of-kin, it is what we value or hold dear to us (often reminding us of our loved ones, e.g. a photograph, ring, mobile or hearing aid) that we value most.

Keeping patients’ belongings and valuables safe and secure, especially at a time when family and friends are not able to visit, is a challenge which can directly impact on ability, as well as emotionally and mentally.

Smartsafe Patient Property bags, by keeping items sealed and secure, with traceability from patient to possessions and vice versa, helps eliminate unnecessary angst and suffering (

In use with many NHS hospitals, Smartsafe Patient Property bags are a proven user-friendly solution.

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“We use the SmartSafeTM bags every day in the ED as security bags for all patient belongings. I love them….” ED nurse, Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Centre.

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