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Las Vegas Plays it Safe

The city famous for high risk, is taking no chances with it's multiple casualty incident response.

LAS Airport and Clark County Fire Dept have been training with and using SMART Triage Tags and the SMART Incident Command System since 2005.

But in May 2006 Nevada State Health Division committed to the SMART Incident Command System as their new state wide triage system.

Fergus Laughridge, Program Manager, Emergency Medical Services. Makes the formal declaration in a letter...

The Nevada State Health Division - Emergency Medical Services (NSHD-EMS) is committed to supporting the initiatives of the State Homeland Security Strategics.
NSHD-EMS has identified a need to standardize triage and incident management during mass casualty incidents. To that end, NSHD-EMS reviewed and analyzed various triage methods and technologies.
I am pleased to announce that the Smart Incident Command System has been chosen as the exclusive triage and incident management solution for Nevada. Our research found that, incorporating a wealth of worldwide knowledge, the Smart Incident Command System represents the most practical, relevant solution to triage and incident management. We found that the system will speed decision making, improve communkation and accountability and enable responders to employ resources in the most effective way.
Knowing that major systems in Nevada (i.e.: Clark County Fire and McCarren Airport) are committed to the system aided our decision making. Without a doubt, everyone that comes in contact with the system understands it.
During the next few weeks and months the NSHD-EMS will coordinate focused triage training with responders statewide. NSHD-EMS will provide or assist agencies in obtaining the proper equipment to support the statewide system.
I would like to personally thank you and Colin Smart for your support during this implementation.

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