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Bulletin: Report of automatic fire, unconfirmed number of dead and multiple casualties, people running from the scene

Locals report the suspected terrorists drove at speed to a nearby care-home taking staff and residents hostage. Mobile phone footage leaked from the scene shows police tactical response teams in attendance.

Their mission: To neutralise the threat.

Thankfully this is an exercise. The police attending are members going through their Armed Response Vehicle (ARV) course, as part of their final exercise.

With the regular emergency medical services (EMS) capabilities restricted due to the tactical situation, any casualties requiring rapid intervention, often life-saving treatment during the incident, whether police, civilian or perpetrator, will be often administered by these specialist tactical response teams.

As part of the UK National Police Training Curriculum the medical module, D13 (enhanced), officers are trained with the skillset, capabilities and equipment for catastrophic bleeds, airway management, triage and patient handling. Patient handling can be critical in that no secondary injury should be sustained inadvertently proving fatal.

The Xtract™SR stretcher, small, robust and with rapid deployment capability at the point of injury, forms part of their equipment.

Whilst insulating and cocooning the casualty, the XtractSR protects the wound site, equipment administered and the first clot, providing an effective rapid modular extraction platform.

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